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About Queen Mary Postgraduate Film Forum

Post-production is the postgraduate film forum, run for and by postgraduates at Queen Mary, University of London. We meet once a month to catch up and to discuss our research, with a key paper, snacks and drinks. Here we will be posting notes from our meetings, general comments and forth-coming events in the university. If you have any queries, please email Hollie or Jo.

Film Studies Research Seminar Series – Dates for this term!

Dates and speakers for an exciting and stimulating research seminar series this term are as follows:

31 January
Richard Rushton on Deleuze (G19).

14 March
Robert McKay on Marilyn Monroe and wild horse hunting in the Misfits (G34)

28 March
Eyal Sivan on his “common archive” project (G34)

Locations have been provided in brackets but this may be subject to change. All talks will take place at 5.30pm. Get these dates in your diaries!

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Just a reminder…

Tonight’s Christmas party (for the whole of the Film Studies department so all students welcome!) will take place in the Film and Drama studio Arts Two 5-7pm.

Featuring: drinks, nibbles and screenings of the work made by finalists for Creative Production. Hopefully see you all later! And have a great Christmas break!

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Next Meeting! Thursday 29th November – Maren Thom talks on ‘The Baader Meinhof Complex – Filling in the Gaps of History’

The Baader Meinhof Komplex (2008) is a film not driven by traditional narrative, but is instead a representative chain of handpicked scenes from the canon of the historical events that defined the cultural memory of the RAF (Red Army Faction). This creates an interesting result, in which story and plot become one and the same thing, a narrative that is pure representation. The film’s circumnavigation of the interpretation of the RAF, through the choice of a style that creates a ‘self-sufficient’ reading of history, can be seen as a strategy of contemporary ideology as described by Slavoj Zizek. Zizek suggests that “Postmodernism directly rewrites myth itself by filling in the gaps”. That means that the subjective, fantastic creation of narrative is thwarted, foreclosing any deeper understanding in favour of the “correct” narrative. My presentation will look at how the film fills in these gaps, and what effect this has on the understanding of the film.

Time –  5.30pm, place – as always in G34, Arts One. See you all there!


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First Meeting of Term: Thursday 18th October! Adrian Garvey speaks on ‘Exploring Film Performance’

How can we read film performance?  While theorizing of the subject goes back at least to Pudovkin, it remains an under-examined area. The problems of isolating and evaluating the elements of performance within the film text, and concerns about the impressionistic and subjective nature of writing on the subject seems to have limited work on the field.

Using examples from the transatlantic career of James Mason, I will consider how film acting may be understood as a form of mediated performance. Detailed textual analysis of voice, body, gesture and expression will be considered in relation to aspects of film style and genre, as well as the wider social and cultural contexts of Britain and America in the 1940s and 1950s.

See you all on Thursday 18th! Arts One G34 at 5.30pm.

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Graduate Seminar and Lecture from Professor Christoph Lindner – Tues 9th and Weds 10th October

This week, Visiting Fellow Prof Christoph Lindner (Director of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam) will be on campus giving a graduate seminar and lecture on the topic of visual culture and global cities.

The seminar, entitled ‘Global Cities and Cultures of Fear: Cinema, Architecture and Urbanism’, will be held on Tuesday 9th October in Lock Keepers Cottage at 17:00. The lecture, ‘Slow Art and the Accelerated City: Amsterdam Street Views’ will be the next day, Wednesday 10th October in Arts Two at 18:00.

The lecture won’t discuss film specifically, but should be of interest to anyone thinking about cities and visual cultures. The seminar in particular is set to be an enjoyable and interdisciplinary forum, with MA students, PHD Candidates, and staff welcome from a variety of subject areas. More details are available on the screens and posters in Arts One.

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First Meeting of the Year!

Hello everyone!

We hope you’ve all had a lovely summer’s break and a good start to the year so far.

This is just a quick note to announce that the first meeting of Post Production will take place on Thursday 18th October at 5.30pm in G34 – so write it in your diaries!

More details to follow shortly and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Hollie and Jo

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Next Meeting, Thursday 3rd May – Beatriz Pichel on Bodies and Masculinity in French Photography during the First World War

Just a short note to say that Beatriz Pichel, a research student form the University of Madrid who will shortly be leaving the department at QMUL, will be presenting on Thursday 3rd May, 5.30pm in G34.

Beatriz’s paper will examine photographic practice in France during WWI in order to enlighten the meanings associated with the notion “death at war”. Therefore, it explores both the images and the social and cultural uses of those photographs. In particular, this paper shows the importance that a notion of masculinity related to the military acquired in the representation of corpses, and the consequences of that in the consideration of the dead.

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