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Tim Lindemann presents ‘New Rural Cinema – Landscape, Community, and Poverty in Recent American Indie Films’


My project investigates recent American Independent cinema and its critical engagement with marginalisation in neoliberal society. I will argue that films like Winter’s Bone (2008), Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) and Leave No Trace (2018) through a meticulous focus on¬†destitute, seemingly lawless rural landscapes and precarious communities seek to highlight the deprivations caused by neoliberal policies. At the same time, however, they attempt to position their imagined communities as sites of possible cooperative alternatives.¬†While focussing on images of poverty and scarcity, the films to different degrees also suggest a fluidity of hierarchical structures and an opening-up of totalising nationalist narratives in the liminal spaces they depict.’

Thursday, 24 October, 5:15 pm, ArtsOne, Hitchcock Cinema


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