Simon Dickson presents ‘The Oneiric Imagination – Exploring the dreamlike and the poetic in documentary film’


“This research is examining a specific aspect of the relationship between film and dreams. The focus is on films that aren’t necessary about dreams, nor do they feature explicit dream sequences, but they are nonetheless described as dreamlike. Often, there is another key descriptor for this group of films, ‘poetic’, that always seems to be in close proximity to terms such as ‘dreamlike.’ This has led me to believe that there might be a deeper philosophical relationship between the poetic imagination and dreams. I have chosen the holistic term ‘oneiric’ to help define this ambiguous group. The philosophy of Gaston Bachelard is indispensable in understanding this relationship but I am also looking to early film theorists such as Maya Deren, whose ideas shed further light on what it is about film that can explore the ‘oneiric imagination.’

In this presentation, I will be discussing James Spinney and Peter Middleton’s recent documentary, Notes on Blindness, which gives compelling insight into the relationship between waking and dreaming worlds from the perspective of a blind man.”
Thursday 15 February, 5:15 pm, ArtsOne, Hitchcock Cinema (G19).
Drinks to follow. ALL WELCOME.

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