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Next Meeting: Nick Jones speaks on ‘The Appropriation of the Skyline: Body, Spectacle and Urban Space’

Nick Jones - Appropriation of the Skyline

This paper will use the work of Michel de Certeau to think about the spectacles that are produced by the unusual negotiation of the urban skyline, spectacles which work to embody otherwise alienated and alienating sights and sites. From the activities of Phillipe Petit in New York in 1974, when he wire-walked between the World Trade Center towers, to the images of Tom Cruise scaling the Burj Khalifa in *Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol* (2011), and the current opportunity to walk over London’s erstwhile Millennium Dome thanks to the *Up at the 02* initiative, architectural icons can be appropriated in ways that directly relate their immense spatialities to human coordinates. With particular reference to action cinema, this paper will explore the potential motives for and consequences of such spectacular tactile engagement.



This meeting of Post Production will take place on Thursday 25th April at 5.30pm in G34. Nick’s paper will be followed by questions and drinks. See you all there!


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